hey whats up, i'm humza. here's a TL;DR on what i do

about me

i’ll try to keep it short basic and simple. i’d say I’m a pretty cool, down to earth guy. interests include the usual, traveling, playing fifa with pals, nights in watching films and to be honest going to a good party… and I mean good party. pretty chilled out and rather professional. so yeah, thats me…

work wise, well i like to pride myself on my work. i tend to take it a bit to seriously, but that’s a good thing right? if i’m working on something i give it my all. if i have a deadline (which most the time you guys give some very unrealistic time frames (erm we need it like now?)) i’ll try my up most best to reach it and exceed expectations.

bit about my background.. school was never really my thing, tbh I didn’t go to a fair few classes in collage, rather complete a co-op season at a friend’s place on FIFA on a monday than go to english literature. don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t stupid.. i studied english literature, economics, psychology & biology. anywho.. wasn’t massively keen on the whole education thing so thought what do i enjoy… well i liked food, i can make a decent breakfast so became a chef. started working for hilton hotels through an apprenticeship. working at hilton park lane, hilton waldorf and the trafalgar. from here i went to the dorchester after turning down an opportunity to be a chef in dubai. you can see some of my food here – it was soon after i fell out of love with cooking, working 15 hours a day, having no life and looking like i aged 10 years in 3. then come “tech”, babaling on now so in 2012 i joined a small technology company in sales, 2013 i taught myself how to code and use apps like photoshop (at a basic level), a year or so after i took a course in product management (SCRUM). throughout these 4 years i got the chance to take on and work on some cool projects and some that dragged but it was all a learning experience. now managing z-lab providing tech to those in need.

in 2016 I started EYES WIDE SHUT a tech house event with one of my best frineds, moved to ibiza for the summer and had a pretty good time, I also started to focus a lot of my work in the music industry.

so that’s about it on me, drop me a message if you fancy working together on something by clicking here.. lets chat